Training Your Springer Spaniel
Over the past fifty years, we have trained hundreds of spaniels and retrievers for clients (upland and waterwork).  However due to travel, waterfowl, big game hunting throughout North America and in particular watching our grandchildren play sports/grow up we no longer train clients' spaniels. 
Frank and Bonnie O'Grady

      Text:   Bonnie at 705 872 6303 or Frank 705 760 6424
P.O. Box 221,  495 County road 21, Millbrook, Ontario, Canada L0A 1G0     
Whether you use one of our spaniels for hunting, obedience, agility or frisbee competition, they will always be house pets.  We believe that all pups need obedience training to make them better companion dogs.    We highly recommend that you and your pup attend obedience classes/school.
Correct introduction to live birds, shotgun noise, retrieving game and particularly obedience is necessary if you want your spaniel to fulfill its promise and become a better canine citizen whether it be in the field or around your home.

There are many fine handlers in North America as well as informative books (example:  "Training Your Spaniel by Kenneth Roebuck"). 

There are also videos.  We personally recommend "Setting Up For Success" by Gerald Babin, a combination of video/text on one platform.