CNFC CFC CAFC Bushbuster's
Colt Forty Five

27 OPEN wins

Hi-point Cdn Pup
Hi-point Open
Hi-point Amateur Open
Norstran's Stars and Stripes

A win and numerous placements and housepet of Gary Shantz 

Bushbuster's Big Rock
2020 hi-point pup

Brock is now a canine constable with Toronto Police 
Hips: OFA Certified "GOOD"
Eyes: RD Clear

Great-Great Grandparents


Frank and Bonnie O'Grady
   Email:  spaniels@nexicom.net         Bonnie Text 705 872 6303      Frank 705 760 6424
P.O. Box 221,  495 County Road 21, Millbrook, Ontario, Canada L0A 1G0           
2x CNAFC CFC AFC Courtmans Biz

His full brother Dublin has won 2 Nationals
Bushbuster's Addie
2014 & 2016 CNFC CFC AFC FC Dawsonlee Faithful
Hall of Fame Member
Buccleuch Hilary
AFC CFC Belwind Willie

3x top sire Canada
FC Pondview II's Secret Agent "JB"
Springville Stella 2nd
FTCH Curragh Storm
Courtman's Echo of
Bushbuster's Yankee's
Big Bro
FTCH Bushbuster's Little Treasure
Woodstorm Avril
EFC Edwardians Blackmagic
EFC Buccleuch Lexie
Lexie's dam is 2xENFC EFC Irish NFC & IFC Annickview Breeze
NFC FC AFC CFC Salmy's Masterpiece
CFC Expressway's Carly
Raykar Brigand
EFC Bodie of Flintshire
EFC Edwardiana Blackmagic
Springville Bowfire

Grandsire CFC Sweeper
2001 #1 hi-point OPEN dog Canada
Your Perfect Pup Guarantee:  If you are not happy with your pup for any reason within 60 days of purchase, return the pup and we will replace it with another hand-picked perfect pup.  Do not spay or neuter during the 60 day guarantee period.
Our goal is for you to be 100% satisfied and hopefully exceed your expectations.  There is a reason why we have remained in business for over 50 years.  

* PUP PRICE $3,000 (Cdn). 

* A non-refundable deposit of $1,000 is required

* All our breeding stock have been tested for hips and Retinal Displasia.  We provide you with a 2 year replacement health guarantee for congenital/genetic defects with vet confirmation

* Veterinarian checkup and 1st set of inoculations

* CKC registration within 6 months of purchase

* Delivery charge to Toronto airport $250
Springville Ms Roxanne

Housepet & hunting pal of the Martins
Windrift Honeybee
Squareclose Tammi

•    Pups will be available June 2024
•    $3,000 Cdn Funds  
•    1 male reserved
•    2 females reserved
Abitt Bushbuster's The   Darling "Shotzi"

Shotzi has developed into an excellent  housepet and hunting companion.

   Hips:   OFA Prelim Good
    Eyes:  RD Clear
Great-Great Grandparents

Belwind Willie

3x top sire Canada
NFC FC AFC Salmy's Masterpiece

AFC Sandy Hill's Beau Geste

Grand Dam is NAFC Black Magic
Fawnhaven Misty of Salmy

Grandsire is NFC Denalisunflo Ring
CFC Wise River Got Wood

Whitehope Brandy Girl

Grand Dam is NFC Moon Red Army
Windrift Honeybee

Raykar Brigand

Nant-Y-Bwia Ricky
Raykar Raffle
Squareclose Metz
Whitehope Seratina


Bushbuster's Addie
CFC Curragh Storm
Courtman's Echo of Grandview
CFC Bushbuster's
Yankee's Big Bro
CFC Bushbuster's Little Treasure

Helmsway Hawk of Wichwillows
Flaxdale Fizz
Beggarbush Taff of Pantfarm
Woodstorm Avril
Anahoe Lyric
Misty Rosa

CAFC CFC Starbury Superspeed "Nitro"

2022 Hi Point Amateur Open Dog CANADA

Hips: OFA Certified "EXCELLENT"
Eyes: RD Clear

Beggarbush Taff of Pantfarm

EFC Scataway Patchwork Girl
CNSFTA CAFC CFC Bushbuster's
Colt Forty Five

Hi point Pup Canada
Hi point Open Canada

26 All Age Wins

Housepet of the Pappas
Flaxdale Nina
Courtmans Rocky
Full brother Dublin has 2 National Championships
Shotzi's planned breeding February
    Swinger's litter born Feb 16
Springville Swinger

This is Swinger's 2nd litter.  Great reports from her 1st litter.      

•    Hips OFA Prelim "GOOD"
•    Eyes RD Clear
•    $3,000 Cdn Funds  ....   $1000 non-refundable deposit required
•   1 male still available
•   All female pups reserved 
•   Pups available mid to end of April 2024      
Squareclose Tammi
CFC Expressway's Carly
CAFC CFC Starbury Superspeed "NITRO"

Hi-point Amateur Open Canada 2022

Our housepet and the official greeter. 
Swinger's 6 male pups